‘Your constant enthuisiam and motivation has given me confidence to take on several challanges. I lacked self-belief in my physical capabilities but working with you has given me a can do attitude’  (ANTHEA - RACECOURSE RUNNER)

‘You've managed to shift even the most stubborn of us towards better fitness - like enthusiastic washing powder!’ (KAY - BOOT CAMP CONVERT)

Sunday Boot Camp Workouts
‘You have motivated me to achieving things I never thought possible (at least not for me). I initially entered the Northampton Run to raise money for The Lowdown but since then, you have inspired & encouraged me to continue increasing my fitness levels, eat more healthily & lose a significant amount of weight - it's been tough but at the same time fun. With your support, a few of us also managed to train for & complete a Half Marathon earlier this year. I truly believe I would not have been able to achieve all this without your input, so a massive thanks to you for this, plus the amazing impact you have had on The Lowdown's profile and subsequent fundraising’ (KEVIN - TEAM LOWDOWN)

‘I find it hard to believe how much support & enthusiasm there has been for ‘Team Lowdown’ - who said exercise can’t be fun! You have made my job as Co-Ordinator an absolute dream - always willing to help in whatever way you can to support & grow our team’ (RICHARD - LOWDOWN FUNDRAISING)